If you want the best bang for your buck, the go-to video game genre has traditionally been the RPG. Last year we saw a ton of great role-playing games released across all sorts of platforms, and so far it looks like 2018 will be bringing us a lot more. Below we’ve gathered a list of the RPGs set to release this year that we’re looking forward to the most.
Unfortunately, you can see that most of the titles below don’t have a firm release date. This means some of these might slip into 2019 or even later. Also, there’s likely to be many RPGs announced and released later this year that we’re not aware of yet. That being said, we think these games will have a significant impact and give players some fantastic experiences.
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Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series is one of the longest-running jRPG franchises. The latest game, Dragon Quest XI, released in Japan in Summer of last year, but the West is still waiting for an English translation. This entry is of particular interest because there are significant differences between the 3DS and PlayStation 4 versions that might make choosing which one to purchase quite tricky.
The PS4 and upcoming Switch versions of the game follow the standard look of the series but add a new dimension to gameplay which gives players the ability to explore higher areas in the game. This makes Dragon Quest XI feel a lot more open world and is an improvement over the relatively two-dimensional maps of the past.