The latest generation console from Sony, the PlayStation 4 is about to arrive and, with it, a new application to extend the experience to smartphones and tablets, the PlayStation 4 Companion, as the application for iOS months ago

This application will be available on November 13 in North America and will arrive in Europe on the 22nd, a few days before the launch of the console itself . This application will work as an extension of the console, including second screen in compatible games so we can continue the game away from the PS4.

In addition, of course, you will have access to PlayStation Network (and its lists of friends or trophies), possibility of playing online, access to social networks , we can buy content from the smartphone itself and will include a remote control for movies and music that Let's play on the console.

A function that a priori seems very interesting is the so-called Spectate Function, through which we can see the game of other players, both live and recorded .

Let's look at the main functions of this application:

1. Directly access the various features and information of PSN

2. We will be able to access our own profile screen, as well as see their lists of game objects

3. Access to our own achievements and trophies page and compare it with friends

4. Message exchange between PS4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and mobile devices that have the PlayStation App installed

5. Inform users about the shared activities of their friends

6. Receive new notifications or game invitations

7. Browse the official PlayStation website to browse through news, blogs and information

8. Second screen (compatible games only)

9. With certain applications, users can draw pictures on the screens of mobile devices and view them on the TV

10. Buy game content from anywhere (even away from home) and download it directly on our PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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